Get Involved


I Am a Customer

Are you already a customer of Grounds for a Better World, but would still like to get more involved? There are a variety of ways you can become further involved with Grounds for a Better World and our mission.

Here are some options:

Donate – We are always accepting donations that help us grow and continue to give back to non-profit organizations. Donations make it possible for Grounds to help children around the world and in our local community. For more information on donating, contact us or click the “Donate” button.

Buy a coffee – Every cup of coffee or item purchased at a Grounds location helps a child in need. Grounds donates a minimum of 50 percent of after-tax profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping children.

Volunteer – As a part of our mission, Grounds encourages volunteerism both in our community and across the globe. Grounds believes that volunteers play a key role in helping children around the world. For more information on volunteer opportunities, check out the organizations listed on the right of the page.


I Am a Non-Profit Organization

Are you a non-profit organization interested in learning more about partnering with Grounds for a Better World? If so, please click here

Grounds for a Better World is committed to helping children by partnering with organizations both locally and across the globe.  See more about this on our YouTube channel.


I Am a Company

Are you a corporation interested in having a Grounds location at your office or facilities? Grounds for a Better World can be the perfect addition to your organization, providing employees and guests with a place to relax and refuel while supporting your corporate citizenship program.

Visit our corporate page for more information.


I Am a Community Member

Are you a community member who would like to learn more about Grounds for a Better World? Then come visit us at any of our locations to see what we are all about. Visit our locations page to see all of our stores in Midland.  Also check us out on Facebook and YouTube.