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Why Grounds?

Grounds for a Better World has been voted “Midland’s Best Cup of Coffee” for the past 10 years, and in 2009 we adopted the mission to donate 50 percent of our proceeds to non-profit organizations both in our community and around the world.

Our reputation of excellence paired with our commitment to give back to the community makes us an ideal partner for organizations looking to create a café experience at their corporate center. With Grounds, corporations get the best of both worlds – award-winning coffee and a café experience that aligns with their corporate citizenship program.

Grounds for a Better World is more than just a great investment, it is helping children in need across the globe.

So the real question isn’t “Why Grounds?” but rather “why not?”

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Company Info

In 2009, Dave and Jill Helgerson purchased Espresso Coffee and renamed the business Grounds for a Better World. Grounds for a Better World was established with the idea to promote change by building relationships, strengthening communities, and spreading the awareness of the needs of children across the globe.

Since 2009, Grounds for a Better World has established two additional locations and has donated more than $150,000 to non-profits organizations both in the community and abroad. Grounds currently donates to nine organizations including:

• South Africa Medical Expeditions
• Faith Village
• Questscope
• The Rock Youth Center
• Just For Kids Foundation
• Shelterhouse
• The Open Door
• Cancer Services – Midland
• Rainbows4Children

For information on any of the non-profit organizations listed above, click here.

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